Inclusion, Childhood & Education Ltd

ICE is an international research & consultancy agency working on inclusion, social justice and human rights. We facilitate projects across the globe with a focus on making inclusion happen. We support policy makers, practitioners and families to help develop local priorities for inclusive education, services and communities. 

Whether working on the expansion of human rights with disabled people, researching and advising on inequalities for governments and policy makers or facilitating dialogue through training in schools, sea lots or far flung communities, we are in pursuit of an unblinking vision of inclusion and equality.

Our approach

We always 

  • Listen to local priorities 
  • Raise the voices of anyone who feels they matter less than others
  • Build confidence, energy and commitment for creating change 
  • Establish a ‘can do’ culture so that strategies and solutions are sustainable
  • Offer expert value-for-money 
  • Create high quality, inclusive communities 
  • Expand your evidence base 

Our experience 

The reputation of ICE is built on extensive experience of working with diverse teams to build inclusion.  We have been advancing inclusion in projects across the world for more than 20 years working in both resource-poor and resource-rich contexts.   Our international links with governments, ministries, education, health and community services are far-reaching.

What we provide

We provide expert support for inclusive policy and practice, research, training, advice and technical assistance for inclusion including 

  • policy analysis and strategic recommendations
  • on-the-ground schools, organisation and community development
  • family support
  • human resources development and training
  • programme and project design, implementation and evaluation

Our resources consist of in-house experts and our extensive international networks and alliances. 

We collaborate with organisations and individuals from around the world, including:

  • Universities and other educational establishments
  • Disabled people, their representative and service user organisations
  • Public sector organisations
  • Private consultancies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Individual consultants
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