Caribbean Countries ‘Impossible is Nothing’

Caribbean Countries ‘Impossible is Nothing’

Since 2002 we have worked with Ministries of Education in collaboration with Teachers Associations for Special and Inclusive Education leading on the development of teacher-led education programmes for professionals and paraprofessionals working with disabled children and all those at risk of exclusion.
We focus on developing local confidence for inclusive solutions ranging from in-school responses to classroom management issues or curricular interventions needed, to informing and helping to take forward the Strategic Plans of Ministries.
Over the years we have delivered a vast range of training indicatives to embed low cost value for money change for sustainable inclusion across the Caribbean.
Recently we have been working with the Olympic Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines to building confidence, energy and commitment of participants to inclusive coaching and to raise the profile of Special and Para Olympians.

This is what our clients say:


‘After the training I promise myself I will think and teach inclusively. I will remember all my life we don’t have to be afraid of inclusive education .. let us try. The training is excellent’

Special School Teacher, Trinidad and Tobago 

‘Everything you do strengthens our commitment to our most marginalised children and youth and to bringing about inclusion and change – and shows us how’ 

Parliamentary Secretary and Commissioner, St Lucia 

‘We have the resources to start inclusion now .. the biggest resource is in ourselves’

Special Olympics Head Coach

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